DIY Stone Floor Mat!

There are many creative ideas to make amazing and original floor mats, one of the great ways to make an authentic one is by using river stones or beach stones. You are probably wondering how so!! It is very easy and fun to make one. And when you make one, be sure that everyone will be surprised and will ask you how could you that ;)

The good thing about these naturally smooth stones decorated floor mats is that they can be used almost everywhere, from your house door to the bathroom door. What’s good about them also is that they are very easy to make and they don’t require a lot of stuff to be made. All you will need to make one is a mat, stones and strong glue, that’s it! Now the “how to do it part.”

  • First buy a doormat to your desired size then if your rocks are dirty, clean them and allow to dry.
  • Sort out the rocks you want to use and lay them out on your mat until you’re satisfied with the arrangement.
  • Try to keep the rocks as flat as possible for a smooth surface.
  • After that lay a plastic drop cloth under your mat to catch the glue drips, then, one at a time glue your rocks down.
  • Let dry then peel off the plastic. If any plastic stuck to your mat just peel it off, or use a stiff wire brush to scrub it loose.
  • Note that if you’d like your mat to be sturdier, enforce the bottom with chicken wire or a finer grade wire mesh in between another piece of your mat material. This is a great way to incorporate nature into your house and remember your favourite beach trips.

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