DIY Storage Box

I came across this cute craft project on I Creatives Ideas and decided to share it to show you how you can turn basic ice cream boxes into storage boxes!

You will need : an empty ice cream box , ribbon ,lace ,ribbon flowers and bows, glue and scissors.

Start by gluing a piece of sheet at the bottom of the ice cream box , then glue the ribbon around the box (feel free to decorate the way that you want) , and finally glue the laces at the top of the box .

Now , take the cover of the box , put a sheet on it and glue it ,  put ribbon around it .

Cut the lace in form of a flower , put it in the center , and put on top of it a ribbon flower (you cana dd as many as you want)

To finish , put a ribbon on the front of the box.

Now you have a new place to put candies, snacks, jewelries, accessories and other small items  .


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