DIY Swirly Paper Flowers

I found this few weeks ago while I was looking for cute paper flower tutorials.

I didn’t know how to name them although they are very similar to Saccharun Spontaneum. But because of all these swirls, I’ve decided to name them swirly flowers :)

Here is how to make them

  1. Colored paper,
  2. Customized colored paper,
  3. Scissor,
  4. Glue.

You can either use single coloured paper or customized colored ones if you want prettier flowers.

First of all, cut your coloured paper into strips of a least 2×8 inches. Add a thin fold along the vertical edges.

Cut the paper strip horizontally, but not all the way through. Fringes need to be cut equally, as thin as possible

Roll the fringes into a swirly pattern.

To make a stem for the flower, you’ll need a green paper that you’ll cut in a long strip (2×10 inches) before rolling it diagonally.

Apply some glue on both ends of the rolled paper and along the intact part of the swirly-fringed paper.

Wrap the glued area of the swirly-fringed paper on the green rolled paper.

Start gluing it from the top and roll it towards the bottom of the stem. Keep rolling you reach the end.

As per the leaves, cut a 2×3 inches piece into the green paper, fold the paper in 1 cm accordion fold. Cut one of the sides in a pointy shade. Unfold the paper then glue it around the stem.

You’re done!!! You can enjoy you beautiful swirly paper flowers or offer them for mother’s day!

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