DIY: From a T-shirt into A Fab Scarf

Have an old-colorful T-shirt that you no longer wear? You are thinking it is no longer useful and you want to throw it away? Well, I am sure you will change your mind after reading this handicraft project. The idea is about how to transform a T-shirt into a cute and lovely scarf. The good thing about this scarf is that it’s very easy and does nor require any sewing skills. Awesome, right!!

All you will need to make a wonderful scarf is:

1) A T-shirt

2) A fabric scissors

As for the instructions they are the following:

The first thing you will need to do is to cut the T-shirt under the sleeves to prepare the scarf’s base.


Then  where you cut at the beginning cut about 20 cm fringes all around the fabric.


Now that you are done with the cutting, stretch smoothly your fringes so that you make them a bit longer.


Your next task is to join the fringes by twos and tie knots.Finally separate the tied fringes and knot again by twos, but with the next fringe



Voila, enjoy your new scarf :D
Seen on: Plan B Anna Evers Blog



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