DIY Tire Planter

A good way to change the deco in your garden would be by using this«Tire Planter ».

The project consists of using Tires as planters , people would not notice that those planters are actually  tires !

Keep in mind that the size of the tire depends on the  project desired.

With  the help of a sharp knife , start cutting some points of the tire all the way around inwards . Then , pull the interior piece and keep it , you will still need it.

Afterwards , flip  the tire inside out and place the piece you cut earlier in the bottom.

Now you can wash the tire , and pain it either by hand or by using spray paint , then find a piece of chicken wire and place your cut-out over top of it to hold it in place ( it will allow both the dirt to stay in the planter and a proper drainage)

Once the tire is painted and outfitted, fill it up with dirt and plants.

Source : Pink Hammers & Sippy Cups

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