DIY: From a Tire to a Teeter Totter

This DIY will make a great gift for your kids which they can enjoy riding sometimes!

All you need to have is an old useless tire , piece of wood , and rope

Using a circular saw, cut the tire in half!

After it is cut in half , clean it with soap

Once it is clean enough, spray it with spray paint! Two coats would be enough.

Put A 3 feet piece of wood on the tire It’s better to have 3 bolts on each end of the tire so that it stays stable and not wiggle

Take two pieces of rope , cut and burn their edges.

Using a drill, drill a hole through the tire and place the bolt through, securing it with a bolt. Repeat five more times, then using the L brackets attach them to the wood, again securing them with a bolt to help make it secure L brackets.

Sketch out  an edge to give your kids a place to put their thighs and not hurt their legs.

After cutting and sanding out the leg spaces, reattach the wood to the tire to check if your kids could sit comfortably! Then check the spaces for their hands to grab the rope.

Finally, cut four holes in the top for the rope handle. Slide the rope from the top down, making a loop and secur underneath with a zip tie.

You can cover top with fabric or paint.

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