12 Eye Makeup Ideas For Christmas!

Christmas is few days away, and we, women, want to be on the top of our glamour for this event! I have chosen few eye makeup ideas for you to help you sort out the make up issue if you are facing it :)

Here is my selection:

1. The brown & grey smokey eye and basic eye liner


2. The sparkly eye shadow and the dark lipstick. Perfect for this season!


3. The golden eye shadow a tight eye liner


4. The strong black & grey smokey eye . Perfect if you have clear & light eye color.


5. The basics: Shimmery eye shadow cream color & a perfect eye liner. You can add a small amount of green or blue eye shadow to make your eyes look bright!


6. The wing eye liner and a slight liner of burgundy eye shadow to extend your eye look.


7. Very easy make up for Christmas: Shimmery eye shadow, grey & creamy added to eye liner & mascara


8. The brown smokey eye and a sparkly topcoat added to a small amount of mascara to extend your eye look


9. The defined grey & black smokey eye. Perfect to give your eye the perfect shape and look.


10. A pinky touch smokey eye, perfect for light eye colors.


11. If you have green eyes, choose this eye makeup and brighten your eyes’ color. Don’t forget to add eye liner to define your eyes shape.


12. My favourite look for Christmas & the one I’ll be wearing! Golden & black smokey eye for dark eye color!



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