Frost your Cupcakes with Marshmallows!

Source: CountryLiving 

Feel like making cupcakes but can’t be bothered to go all the way and make the frosting too? Or you might just not have everything you need to make that perfect frosting? One last possibility is that you just want to try something new with your cupcakes!

Well, i can assure you that you are going to love this simple trick to top your cupcakes! The secret ingredient is….marshmallows!

So a minute or 2 before your cupcakes are ready, top each one of them with jumbo marshmallows. Then, put them back in the oven until golden but make sure to keep an eye on your cupcakes. Lastly, spread the marshmallows with the back of a spoon!

Your cupcakes are ready! Easy, right?


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