Get your KILLER ABS by doing these small exercises!!

Brace yourself girls, summer is coming!

This winter has for sure caused a weight gain, and as usual we forgot that our body changes as we change our eating habbits.

Yet, I am here to help you get rid of that extra fluff.

Here are 4 easy exercises that will help you get your killer abs. These exercises don’t require from you to go to the gym, or wear some super fancy gym clothes. YOU can stay home wearing an old pajamas and work on your summer body with no stress.

1- Windshield Wipers: Move your legs side to side, keeping your back flat on the floor

2-Scissor kicks: Slowly raise and lower legs, one at a time.

3- Leg Lifts: Raise both legs, crunching abs. Allow legs to fall slowly for a deep crunch!

4- Elbow plank: This one makes your hole body workout. In a pushup position, hold for defined core and better posture.Repeat until you feel that burn

Click here for the video:

No more excuses ladies.



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