Give Your Old Items a Second Chance!

Old bulky furniture, dusty toys, forgotten ornaments, old clothes, bikes, books, household appliances, along with many other items that you do not use anymore and that just keep piling up around your home… Instead of throwing them away, why not give them a second chance?

There are many action to take if you’d like to be more environmentally friendly and socially responsible; from recycling, to donating to charity, or even exchanging your old stuff! If you choose to “transform” your stuff and do it well enough, you might even earn a little money on the side…Basically “nothing is gained or lost, merely transformed!”

So once you finally decide to do your Spring-cleaning, think about it twice before you get rid of your old junk.

For the things you’d like to donate, refer to websites such as, which enable you to give or find all sorts of items in good condition for free.

Don’t forget to be charitable by donating to different charity organizations that are constantly in need (Canadian Diabetes Association, Goodwill, New Circles, Red Cross, etc.). These websites, as well as the various second-hand stores represent a real blessing in these difficult times.

You could also try swapping all sorts of goods on the net, via for instance,, or

How about renting out your items? This is a good and practical idea to help pay the bills without having to say goodbye to any them. To do so, you can consult websites such as, among others.

Another solution to re-purpose your old stuff would be to visit “Recycling Workshops;” The purpose of these sort of “hospitals for sick objects” is to fix, transform and sell items while employing people under a rehabilitation contracts (hence the name, which implies the recovery of items as well as people).

Finally, if you feel like becoming a handyman/woman, why not make the old things new again? Grab your tools and transform, refresh, re-paint, upholster and bring your old stuff back into life! Some people even make a small fortune out of what is now called “eco design.”

If “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”… Ask yourself: Why not?

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