He pours alcohol into his ear … and this is what comes out!!

We all use alcohol to disinfect wounds. Did you know that it is also a miracle solution to disinfect and clean many parts of your body?

You can use Alcohol to:

Clean your skin: A small dose of Alcohol can be applied on an infected pimple. It acts as an anti-inflammatory that soothes the skin and prevents the appearance of acne. That said, the alcohol should be applied in small amounts while avoiding the area around the eyes. Also, avoid exposure to the sun after application.

Combat Herpes: Apply isopropyl alcohol to a cold sore. You will see that this will help to make it disappear quickly.

Prevents the appearance of ingrown hairs: apply a little alcohol on the shaved areas after shaving to avoid the appearance of ingrown hairs.

Acts as a cooling bag: Mix one dose of alcohol with two doses of water and store in a sealed plastic bag in the freezer for one hour. Then use it as an ice pack in case of wounds or bruises.

Clean your ears: The cotton buds are handy for cleaning the ears but they push ear wax deeply into the ear canal. To avoid this issue, mix 70 rubbing alcohol with white vinegar and dip a cotton pad into the solution. Then, put it in your ears and the wax will come out alone.

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