Homeschooling: The three life-saving tips that you need more than ever

With the situation we are currently living, homeschooling became a trendy subject. As schools all around the world, have closed their doors, all mums are struggling to keep their children active through different homeschooling activities. If like most of these ladies, you are having a tough time keeping up with your kids’ learning process, here are some life-saving tips for you!

  1. Come up with a learning plan

To improve your kids’ learning process, you can start planning for the daily learning outcomes. For example, every Saturday afternoon you can develop a weekly learning plan featuring what your children will be working on for the next couple of days. Have a folder and basket for each one of your children to hand in the mornings. Then, in the evening, you can do the check with them to evaluate their work, and maybe grade them, so as they feel it’s no different from schoolwork.

  1. Discover new learning material

There are many learning platforms out there that can help you with your children’s homeschooling. We invite you to explore the various online resources that are available online to assist kids in their learning process. Examples of these include Candokiddo, Kiwico, and Peanut. While each one is specialized in something specific, all of them offer a range of homeschooling support activities by age.

  1. Keep the work structured and avoid stress

If you have more than one child, homeschooling becomes a tough task. However, you can still do it in the right way if you learn to maintain a daily structure. Teach your kids how important it is to do the usual things on their time: wake up, take breakfast, get dressed, and get ready to start learning! Schedules and time respect are very important in homeschooling if you don’t want to end up with books, lunch, dolls, and cookies on the same table. It is also primordial to learn to distress, especially in such a difficult period. Allocate a specific time of the day to your family, to your self-care routine, and to disconnect from anything that may be stressing you.

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