How Do Stores Entice You to Spend More Than You Plan?

I know we’ve all been in situations where we go grocery shopping, and we end up buying things we don’t even need!

Here’s a fact:

Grocery stores are sneaky little … Ok, let’s not get carried away.

Have you ever wondered why you have to travel across the entire store to get to the necessities? You know how milk, bread, meat, etc. are placed at the very back of the store, whereas products that are not on your “need” list (and are maybe on your “want” list) are placed right where you can clearly see them? Well, newsflash, that’s not a coincidence!

The way each product is placed within the store is very well planned. The whole point is to come across every sale sign, new product promotion, and anything else that qualifies as an attention grabber, on your way to your milk.

I’ve had an epiphany once. I was going about my shopping and minding my own business, and then BAM, I see this huge red sale sign that says “Buy 10 for Only $10.” Now, I don’t remember for which product it was, but I thought “Ooo, that’s a good deal!” As I was about to take 10 of whatever-it-was, I read the fine print, which said “and Buy 1 for $1.” To tell you the truth, I felt stupid. I mean, why would they go through the trouble of making a big sign to promote something that’s not even on sale? That’s when I realized that the play on words had a purpose: to make you buy that product x10!

Anyways, going back to the subject at hand…

I also noticed that the way certain products are laid out is to make you spend more. In most cases, you might find that the more expensive product alternatives are at eye level, while the less expensive ones are displayed at the bottom shelf.

Or that some stores frequently change the layout of their products. My best bet is that this is done to confuse you and to make you go around aisle by aisle to figure out where your regular products are.

Or that some product manufacturers invite you to try out a product for free, especially in the food and drink section, to stimulate your taste buds. Most of the time, when you try it out, you go ahead and add it to your shopping cart, probably thinking “Ooo I like it, I bet my kids or my husband will like it too!”

Curse them. Lol!

I could go with the “Or’s” all day, but you get the drill, so I’m gonna stop there.

Moral of the story: To avoid spending more than your budget allows, make sure you always carry a list of all the products you need, and stick to it. Also, try your best not to fall for those bogus sales that make you think you’re saving when you’re really not.

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