What To Do After You Win a Contest ?

Congratulations, you are lucky winner of our contest !” I know the feeling that this single phrase provides ! After the joy and the celebration, you should take few moments to define what to expect from this winning and how to recognize if it is not a scam winning announcement. Here is a list of what you should do and don’t :)

1. Get your winning contest notification :


This message in your inbox waiting for you to release it is the first step to recognize your winning. You can either get an email, a mail, or a phone call from the contest organizer. As well as the possibility that you name appears on an announcement made on their website or their newsletter.

2. Make sure you won :


Once you got that precious notification, make sure to read it carefully, in order to know if you are asked to take additional steps apart from your participation. On the other hand, verify if the notification you received is actually legitimate and far from being a scam, by using a search engine to learn more about the contest company or even calling them to insure their existence. Then, prepare a formal sworn statement featuring your personal information and send it back to the contest company. If needed, get that paper notarized. This is called an affidavit action.

3. Get in touch with the sponsor :


Make sure to contact the contest company in order to make sure they well received your affidavit. This is a very important step because once the sponsor doesn’t hear from you, they might assume that you don’t want the prize and put in another drawing with someone else’s name.

4. Thank the sponsor :


It is very important step you should take after receiving a winning notification. It is a courtesy to thank the sponsor for the prize you are about to receive, and show them how much involved are you in entering and winning contest. Show the sponsor that you are a considerate contestant and a good winner !

5. Wait for your prizes to arrive :


Wait for your prizes to come in the mail, but not too long. If you happen to have being waiting for more than 6 weeks for your prizes to arrive, then you should contact the sponsor to figure this thing out. Following up your winning is always a good idea. Sometimes, mix-ups and lost prizes might occur, and you have to be very careful if you want to hold that gift into your chest !

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