How to Reduce your Trips to Grocery Stores

To fight against the spread of the virus, we are advised to limit, as much as we can, our trips to grocery stores. While this seems somehow challenging, especially now that we have to cook everything by ourselves, it is still doable! To help you achieve that, we are sharing with you here some relevant tips on how to reduce your supermarket trips in the next coming days.

The first thing to do is efficiently and effectively plan your meals and groceries. It all starts with good planning! Start first by consuming what you have available in your kitchen stock. If you are running out of food, then a grocery shopping session becomes mandatory. Before going to the supermarket, make sure to check the available deals, offers, and sales first by browsing your store’s flyers to spot the specials of the week. By doing that, you can save a lot of money and plan your weekly meals according to what’s currently on sale.

Prior to going to the supermarket or placing your order online, we highly recommend to develop a grocery list. But, before doing that, try to think about what you will be needing! Developing a plan of what you will be eating during the next coming days is the key! Coming up with a meal’s plan will allow you to determine what products you may need, hence purchasing only the required items, which will in turn prevent you from spending money on unnecessary stuff.

It’s also important to avoid food waste in such a period. Having said this, try to freeze food leftovers as much as you can while at the same time keeping in mind that cooked dishes can be kept in the freezer for up to two or three months. Similarly, if you have something that is about to expire, freeze it! Frozen foods do not expire, nor do they turn bad or present a threat to our health or wellbeing.




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  1. I write my list before i go to pick up my groceries. That way I get in and out faster.

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