How To Save Up For A Baby !

So after you got married, it’s time for you to start your own little family. But you have to be very careful and make the right decisions. Weather you are already pregnant or planning to conceive, you have to save, and save big for that baby!

Here are 10 tips to help you save effectively for this big event/arrival !

1. Buy secondhand clothes & baby supplies :

Try to visit consignment shops as they are regularly provided with almost brand new clothes for babies and furniture as well. Try also to borrow a bassinet that you can use from a friend instead of buying a new one!

2. Don’t buy unnecessary diapers :

Start with buying only one pack of diapers for your baby. Maybe they won’t fit into them so you don’t want to find yourself with unnecessary packs !

3. Breastfeeding is important :

The breast milk is great for your baby’s health ! Plus, the cost of formula adds up. All benefits for you!

4. Ask for maternity samples :

Don’t miss any samples offer related to you baby’s arrival. Check our babies’ section and head to your hospital and request some.

5. Buy a convertible crib for your baby :

Add convinience to practicity by buying a crib that you will use for you baby longer. You will be able to save cash over years and years!

6. Get family’s help :

Ask your mother, aunt or mother in law to help you with your baby. It’s the most valuable childcare resource. You will save a lot of money off getting a babysitter and pay her services.

7. Make baby food yourself :

Use that blender you have in the kitchen to prepare cooked veggies for your baby when he starts to eat solids. You will save a lot of money and I’m sure you’ll enjoy doing it !

8. Get Crafty :

Save cash by making your own baby slippers and hats. DIY projects takes time, that’s for sure, but you can add funny personal touches you won’t find in-stores !

9. Look for sales :

Don’t rush into stores to buy something you loved ! Wait until sales come.

10. Cut coupons :

Some folks are better at this than others, but there’s no denying that it can save big bucks over the years.

11. Ask for advice :

Hindsight is 20/20. Ask other moms which financial corners they wish they had cut.

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