If your hands are tied during a kidnapping, here’s how to escape in seconds

Zip ties are tools that are typically used to hold cables or other objects together.

They are known for their strength. without scissors or other sharp objects, they are impossible to open. They are also accessible to all and inexpensive; they can be found in hardware stores or on the internet.

Unfortunately, zip ties are sometimes used by abusers, for dishonest purposes as in kidnapping cases, to tie victims’ hands like handcuffs, except that they do not have the same mechanism.

To break them, we propose a tactic to learn and share with your friends, relatives and children, in case they are in a dangerous situation. It’s a council that should be part of your self-defense training; it will allow you to get out of a perilous situation. This trick could be as good for us as it is for others, it is one of the most important self-defense tactics.

Here are the steps to follow to get rid of zip ties:

Make sure that the locking bar used to secure the zipper is placed centrally between both hands. If this is not the case, try making an adjustment based on the tightness of the cable.

Once the cable is readjusted, you should tighten it further. For this, you must grasp the cord with your teeth and pull as hard as possible.

This may seem odd to you but it will make the next step easier as it will create more tension near the lock bar to eventually break.

Once the zip tie is tight, you place your arms over your head, as far as possible behind you and with a quick movement, you bring it back to your body with shoulders and elbows.

It may take two or three attempts before the cord breaks.

Using all your strength, this plastic cord will normally burst.

Discover this tip in video:

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