Delicious Banana Cake with no Flour, Sugar or Milk!!

If you want to eat a cake while avoiding flour and sugar, here is a healthy alternative; a banana cake is a great option for people who like to enjoy themselves from time to time without gaining weight. Ingredients: 4 ripe bananas 1 cup of olive oil 4 eggs 1 and a half cups oatmeal ...

Watch Rihanna’s Epic Makeup Tutorial!

Rihanna got into the cosmetics business and the young woman seems to be born to do just that! Indeed, several months ago, she released her makeup brand Fenty Beauty. Her fans loved it and it was a successful move! The singer seems to want to continue doing business in the world of beauty and ...

4 Recipes you can make with 2 ingredients only (Video)

Some of us can cook like the best chefs in the world... Others, however, are not really good at cooking or do not have enough time. Today, we are showing you how to make 4 delicious recipes with 2 ingredients only. They are easy, tasty and quick to make! Watch this video to learn more: ...

5 signs that prove your Child is a Genius

More than just a high intelligence quotient (IQ), a genius is illustrated by his ability to produce something highly original. Generally, geniuses are part of history in view of their contribution in a field of creativity or leadership. Today we are giving you 11 signs that prove a child is a ...

7 types of men you should never fall in love with

Both sexes play very specific roles in their own lives and in their partner's life as well. On the side of men, they represent fathers, sons, brothers and protectors. It should be noted, however, that it is not always beneficial for a relationship, when a man gets too carried away by the role he ...

This popular food gives cancer to children

Did you know that July 4th in the United States is national hot dog day? This sausage sandwich is mainly made of grilled or steamed sausage served in sliced bread. What are the hot dogs made of? Hot dogs are made from leftover pork, chicken or beef. Offal, head, skin and even feet and ...

Simple and very efficient tip to clean your suede shoes

We all have a pair of suede shoes that we love, despite the complicated maintenance it needs. Why do we particularly like these shoes? Because they keep us warm while allowing us to be fashionable. The problem is that they tend to get dirty more than any other type of shoes. However, there is ...

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