Make your own pom pom pillows!

Learn how to make these cute pom pom pillows and add more fun to your living room! We all learned how to make pom poms in kindergarden, and these ones are not really different. You’ll see how easy it is, and how wonderful it will look on your sofa or your bed. Ready? Let’s do this!

For this great tutorial you will need:

  • A sewing machine
  • A pair of scissors
  • A needle and some thread
  • A cardboard circle
  • 2 balls of soft yarn
  • 4 yard of linen canvas
  • One 16 inches square pillow
  • Sewing machine and supplies

photo 2

Start creating your pom poms using the cardboard circle. If you don’t like this method, you can use a fork and turn the yarn around it like pasta until you are happy with the size of the pom pom. Tie up a knot, and start again. Make as many pompoms as you need to cover your pillow’s edges along. Cut off the yarn to make it even and round.

Now take the linen canvas and report the measures of the pillow on it and don’t forget to leave a 2 inches of fabric margin for the stitching .Once it’s done, cut through the square shape and repeat one more time, and get ready to sew the two pieces of cloth together.

photo 3 (1)

Your pillow case is now ready for the pom poms. Now you will have to sew the pompoms to the pillow case by using a needle and a thread that matches the colors of your pom poms. That’s it! Congratulations, you can be proud of yourself!

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