Recycle a Tin Can into a Gorgeous Outdoor Lantern!

Everybody enjoys outdoor gatherings where we get to sit outside and just have a good time with the family and friends. Well you can make this moments even special by creating a unique atmosphere. How so!! Easy, some outdoor lanterns will definitely give your garden or backyard an authentic and stylish look. Most of the materials for this project are things you usually throw out. And because they are made of recycled cans,  you don’t get to spend much on them. What will I need to make some of these!!
• Some tin cans
• A hammer
• Colorful permanent markers
• Paper
• Pencil
• Masking tape
• Scissors
• Candles
• A towel
Now the how-to-do part:
This project is very easy and it does not require a lot of time. What you will need to do first is:
• After removing all labels, clean your cans thoroughly then put water in them and place in the fridge to freeze. This way you make sure the cans are solid when pricking holes in them.
• Using a folded towel hold tightly the can (this way it doesn’t move while making the holes) Start punching out you pattern (supposed that you already have one in mind, if not you can get inspiration from patterns in the net.) Carry on the work until you have your patterns punched out!
• Then take the can and using hot water rinse it well until the ice block pops out and then allow it to dry.
• After you are done you can use some colorful permanent markers to decorate the cans.
• The last step is to place some lighted votive candles inside the cans and enjoy your time with the family and friends!

Seen on: Goods Home design website

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