Ridiculous Tips to wear your High Heels Comfortably!

I am sure you too have a shoe cabinet full of pairs you tried once or twice at max. You saw it in the shopping center, you fall in love with it, you bought it but you didn’t fell comfortable wearing it. This is a recurring story for the majority of women. 

We’ll show you some crazy tips to exploit your shoe cabinet to the max. Behind every pair of shoes a great shopping story that doesn’t deserve staying in your wardrobe.

First thing to verify when wearing your shoes, is whether you feet sweat. If yes, use a panty liner in the inside to absorb and keep your foot from slipping.


To alleviate the pain from wearing high heels try to Tape your third and fourth toes together. these two toes share a never that became strained when they are separated.


Watch the video below for more useful tips to be comfortable in your high heels!

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