Racist Ryanair passenger finds it “intolerable” to have a black woman next door

An English passenger on a Ryanair Barcelona-London flight violently insulted another black passenger who was sitting next to him last Friday. The scene was filmed by a third scandalized passenger.

Watched over 5 million times, this video has resulted in thousands of outraged reactions on social networks in recent days. We see a man in his sixties stubbornly refusing that this other passenger stays next to him, Delsie Gayle, of Jamaican origin. The reason for this dispute? The man aggressively asked her to step aside so that he could reach his seat on the porthole.

The discussion then escalates and he orders her unceremoniously to change places otherwise he will “push her to another seat”. Before giving her racist insults that are particularly shocking.

“Do not talk to me in a foreign tongue, stupid and ugly cow!”, He shouts, before calling her “bastard of black”. Their back neighbor gets involved and asks this harsh passenger to stop. Several stewards of the lowcost Ryanair company try to calm the game, without particularly condemning the racist man’s remarks.

Meanwhile, the passenger who films the video with his smartphone, David Lawrence, asks that the man be disembarked from the plane. But nothing works. The flight crew then has a reaction for the least amazing. He offers to the lady victim of insults to change places …

In the end, the racist passenger finished his flight quietly in his seat. The company simply said on its Twitter account to be “aware of this video and reported the case to the police in Essex”, a county in north-east London.

“In this situation, it seemed that all the support was in favor of this man. The young crew member was inexperienced, “commented the video’s author, David Lawrence, interviewed by the BBC. The victim of insults, for her part, said to the Guardian and ITV News that she was “shocked and depressed” since the altercation.

Many people are now boycotting Rayan Air since then.

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