She eats 2 dates a day, what happens to her is incredible

Dates have many benefits for the body. They are a good source of vitamins, fiber, carbohydrates and antioxidants. Daily consumption of 2 to 3 dates a day can help prevent several diseases. Discover 11 unsuspected things that happen to your body when you eat 2 dates a day.

1 – They improve digestion and treat intestinal disorders: Dates contain 57% insoluble fiber and 43% soluble fiber that have a laxative effect and are very effective for digestion and the prevention of constipation. This fruit retains water in the colon to increase the volume and weight of the stool and facilitate their evacuation later. Dates are also rich in potassium which is effective for controlling diarrhea.

2 – They treat anemia: Dates are very beneficial for people who suffer from anemia. They are very rich in iron, which is essential for the production of red blood cells. This mineral also transports oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body’s cells. Iron is directly related to the health and development of the brain.

3 – They improve the work of the brain: Among the benefits of dates, their richness in phosphorus and vitamin B6 that allow the brain to work better. They stimulate intellectual abilities and develop memory.

4 – They increase the libido: Among the foods that stimulate the libido, we find the dates that bring a large amount of energy and increase the sexual desire. Dates also include animated acids, which are known for their positive effect on men’s libido (increase endurance).

5 – They facilitate weight loss: Dates are very low in calories (23 calories for an average date) but very rich in carbohydrates. They provide a feeling of satiety throughout the day and facilitate the work of the muscles to burn a lot of calories during sports activities.

6 – They relieve pain: Thanks to their magnesium content and their antibacterial properties, dates are ideal for relieving pain and treating infections. Magnesium as well as selenium, manganese and copper contained in dates are very essential for the health of our bones.

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