Shopping DOs & DON’Ts :)

Here are a few things you should keep in mind on your next shopping trip, whether it’s grocery, clothes, or shoes :)

  • Do check the store’s return policy. You don’t want to plan on taking something back when the store you got it from doesn’t even allow returns, do you?
  • Don’t buy anything without trying it on first. Speaking out of personal experience, it’s not a good idea to “compare” yourself to the mannequin. By that, I mean when you see a dress that you like on display, trust me, that’s not the way it will look when you wear it, unless your body measurements are identical to the mannequin’s!
  • Do stockpile. This applies mostly to grocery shopping. When something that you regularly use happens to be on sale and you have a coupon, then go for it!
  • Don’t stockpile on products you don’t use. Buying too many of the same product “just because you can” is wrong, unless you plan to give it to charity ;)
  • Do keep an inventory. Be it your bedroom closet or your fridge, keeping an inventory helps you control your shopping urges.
  • Don’t buy the wrong size. I’m sure many have done this. When you find that cute pair of shoes that you absolutely have to have but it’s not available in your size, then don’t buy a pair that is just a tad bit too small or too big. Guess what? You ain’t gonna wear it!
  • Don’t use your credit card all the time. Swiping that little plastic card at checkout couldn’t get any easier, it’s not until you get those credit card bills that you’re going to feel the punch.
Of course, there’s more to the shopping etiquette, so if you would like to add some to the list, don’t forget to leave a comment or contact us ;)

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