Some More Useful Couponing Terms!

What are Rain Checks, Scanning Code of Practice, and Price-Matching?

Let’s say you have a FPC for a drink, and you’re all excited to use it at your grocery store but when you go to claim it, they’re all out. You can ask them for a rain check, which is basically a “ticket” that gives you the right to use that FPC at a later date when that particular drink is available.

Most retailers have a scanning code of practice. Say you find an item that you would like to buy for $4.00, which is the price marked on the shelf, but when you’re at checkout, the display shows that your item scanned for $6.00, you are actually entitled to get it for FREE! This applies if the item you want is less than $10. In case you want something that is marked for $15 on the shelf, and it scans for $20, then you can get $10 off! Awesome, huh?

There are some retailers, like Walmart, that guarantee the lowest prices in the market; in order to prove what they advertise, they price-match. What this means is: if you find a product at Target, for example, that sells for $5.50, but at Walmart, that same product sells for $5.80, you can go to Walmart and show them that the price is lower at Target, and they will sell it for 1 cent less than Target’s price, and you will get it for $5.49!

  1. The Wal-Mart policy is not to give a price-matched item for 1 cent less, it is to sell it for the same as the competors advertied price. As in they MATCH the price. I work at walmart, and I use this policey frequently, both as a cashier and a customer.

  2. Please note that you are NOT entitled to get the item for free if it scans at a higher price than the price marked. This is a misconception by many consumers. There are a few stores that will do this but it is not the law. Stores can voluntarily follow this policy, but the majority of retail stores do NOT, they will give it to you for the price marked, not for free. Please don't print things like this without doing a little more research. There is no law that says they are entitled to it. That is a total misconception!

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