These 5 devices consume electricity even when they aren’t on!

Even if you pay close attention to your electricity consumption and apply all usual recommendations, the meter continues to run for a few devices, without you being aware of it.

All those devices that are not in use, but they are plugged in, such as the microwave, television, coffee maker, phone charger … They do consume electricity!

When you put all these energy costs together – and money at the same time – it’s still a lot after one year.

Here are some specific examples of appliances that consume electricity even when they are not used:

The charger that is left in the socket between refills consumes 1.2 W per day (0.4 kW / a). It is little, it is true, but it is to have an example of departure.

Remote control
The remote consumes 22 W per day in sleep mode! That’s 8000 watts, so 8 kilowatts a year.

The TV also stays in sleep mode if it is connected: even when it is not used, it consumes 24 W per day (8.7 kW / h), so much the same as the remote control.

Computers and laptops
Every computer and tablet that stays plugged in without running consumes 96 watts a day, that’s 35 kilowatts a year per device!

Devices with a clock
The microwave, programmable coffee maker, DVD player, cable TV decoder and all those devices that have a built-in clock in standby mode consume 108 watts per day per unit, so 39.4 kilowatts per year .

So if you only have one charger, one remote control, only one TV, one computer and only one microwave connected 365 days a year, that’s a passive consumption of 91 kilowatts per year.

How many connected devices do you have? Let us know in the comments below ;)

Go around the house and count the number of devices connected in standby mode and you could be quite surprised at the unnecessary expense that it represents!

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