This small town in Canada gives land and work to those who want to settle there

If you will like to live surrounded by nature, breathe fresh air and have a job at the same time, look no further, we have good news for you! And it’s a unique opportunity to reach a small town in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The Cape Breton region hires workers and offers an opportunity for anyone qualified to start a new life with incredible benefits. Thus, the community has made a call for all those who are interested in moving to the countryside, leading a life close to nature.

This area is located in a small village called Whycocomagh, which is in the heart of Cape Breton. It is an area surrounded by beautiful mountains and Bras d’Or Lake, where kayaks and canoes outnumber motorboats.

On the Facebook page of Farmer’s Daughter Country Market, which is a company in the region, was published a message where the offer is explained. The message says that the company is experiencing a rise in activity from May to December, and a decline in activity from January to April. Thus the inhabitants can enjoy the great winters.

The authors claim that they still have many ideas and plans for the region they wish to achieve in the future, but they are desperately short of people to help them.

The region has a very pleasant four-season climate. The community is looking for people who care about the environment, who want to be part of a community and who will see the work in this company as a teamwork to create something that everyone can be proud of.

The community is looking for people with skills in the food industry or customer service. While salaries in local small businesses in Cape Breton are not high, there is a real opportunity.

According to the same message from the community, anyone who sees that this opportunity could match their dreams and goals for a life close to nature, will be offered 8000 m² of wooded land where to set up a house. In addition to free access to the community’s agricultural lands and other resources available to it.

If the person continues to work with the community after five years and everything is fine, the land will belong to them!

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