Top 4 Couponing Mistakes to Avoid!

Lately, I’ve introduced a few of my friends and family members to the world of couponing, and I noticed that the majority of them are making mistakes; mistakes that I was guilty of when I first started.

That’s why I decided to share my experiences, “pay it forward,” and help them, as well as all the newbies, recognize a few common mistakes that people make when it comes to couponing.

When I first started using coupons, I thought that whenever I get a chance to use my coupons, I’m saving. It took me some time to realize that I was wrong. Not every deal is good deal! Try using your coupons only for products that you actually need and use. What’s the point of buying something if you, or your family, are not going to use it?

In the beginning, I used to have piles of disorganized coupons, just lying around on my desk. I always got confused and grabbed the wrong coupons for my grocery trips! Make sure you have a way to organize your coupons; perhaps, by categories (i.e. Grocery, Body Care, Cleaning, etc.) or by expiration date, for instance.

Don’t get carried away with your couponing! This is a very important point. When you feel like you’re spending more time clipping coupons that you do with your own family…well, that’s a red flag right there!

I used to stockpile like crazy! My husband even called me a “stocker,” no pun intended ;)

Stockpiling is nice, but it needs to be organized too. Make sure you create a document where every addition to your stockpile is added. Don’t forget about the expiry dates! It’s not always a good idea to stockpile if you’re going to end up throwing away unused products.


Those are the most common couponing mistakes that I came across. If you’ve experienced other issues on your couponing journey, feel free to share it with us :)

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