What If Cashiers Don’t Accept Your Coupons?


Sometimes you can come across a newly hired cashier who is not very familiar with the store’s policies, and who will refuse to accept your coupon, in which case, the smart thing to do is to ask to speak to someone in charge, a manager for example.

Make sure you stay calm and collected, and don’t back down easily.

Before your shopping trip, don’t forget to do your homework! Read the fine print on your coupon, call the store and ask, email them, send them a snail mail if that’s what it takes! There are indeed some stores who really don’t accept internet coupons; so unless they change their policies especially for you (very unlikely), you’re out of luck!

In other cases, you might want to put on your “Rambo” outfit and further argue with them (always as calm as possible). You better bring evidence that a particular store allows coupons (a printed copy of an email they sent you, for example), so you can strongly plead your case.

Ok, I know this sounds like you’re in court, but it’s actually very similar!

  1. Perfect timing, I just had an issue at Superstore this morning. Not with a new cashier though, with her manager! She told me that customers were only allowed to use two coupons. I asked since when (as I had been in last night and used more than two coupons with no problems, just like every time before) and she said that they reserve the right to change the policy at any time without notice. My real issue was with how rude she was to me right off the bat, like she was looking for a fight!

  2. How do I get free samples to my home address I don't have a printer at home so I would like things mailed to my home address..I would love to take part in any coupons I can get my hands on it would help out alot, just seem I get the run around on the computer to try in find some where I can get coupons mailed to my home… Thanks so much for any help you can give me.

  3. Sara Hudson, I had the exact same thing at the Abby SuperStore today.

  4. I think we "couponers" have to be careful to balance our desire to save money with not becoming a hassle for suppliers and retailers. I see so many complaints on the web regarding coupon use and some of them are downright mean. Some of us act like using coupons is a god-given right and don't believe in common sense or fairness. I already see retailers tightening up their policies and companies lowering their coupon values. We want to encourage more coupons, contests and giveaways, not make it such a headache that they no longer offer them.

  5. the Gaint Tiger I shop at said that the hotdog coupons wheren't honoured by the manufacter and that's' why they don't accept the coupons because they use to.

  6. Kelee Goodfellow-Sanford July 14, 2012 at 4:00 pm

    I work in a grocery store that does not accept internet coupons. They have been burned by so many fake ones (anyone with a computer and a printer can make fake ones) that they don't take them anymore…I don't blame them one bit.

  7. That's why I prefer getting the originals ones from the manufacture in the mail.

  8. I never bother with printing my own coupons because regardless of the store, I always get the evil eye from the cashier. Manufacturers should NOT rely on us to print our own coupons as, frankly, they are more trouble than they are worth. As a matter of fact, I have enough problems trying to get the manufacturers coupons accepted by cashiers!

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