Who should wear medical masks and how to use them?

Should we wear medical masks to protect ourselves from the virus? This is one of the most frequent questions people ask nowadays during this pandemic crisis. While wearing masks has been officially obliged by some governments around the world, the majority of people are still questioning whether putting on a mask would keep them protected and safe or not.

Indeed, it is very important to know who should be wearing masks and how to effectively and efficiently use these?

Who should put on the medical mask?

In case you are contaminated with COVID-19 coronavirus, you are obliged to weak the mask to limit the spread of the virus to people around you. If you are not suffering from the disease, you should be wearing a mask only in case you are caring for the sick or dealing with someone who is infected in order to protect yourself. You should also use the mask in case you are coughing or sneezing, even in the absence of COVID19 symptoms. Frontline workers and individuals working in the healthcare sector, in general, should be wearing these masks, as they are constantly exposed to the virus. In parallel with the mask, one should stick to the frequent hand-washing, otherwise, this move won’t have any effective results.

How to use medical masks?

Before touching the mask that you will be wearing, clean your hands with water and soap or use a hydroalcoholic gel to disinfect your hands. Make sure the mask covers the whole area from the upper part of your nose to the lower part of your face and watch out for possible gaps between the face and the mask. The blue side of the mask should be facing out and the bendable edge of it should be adjusted to your nos bridge. Try not to touch the mask with your hands if they are not clean. Once it gets damp, the mask should be thrown and not used a second time. Once done with it, you can take it out from behind, without touching the front part of it. After that, you need to throw it away in the bin and wash your hands carefully for at least 20 secondes.

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