WOW! Create your own cleaning products with 1 ingredient!!

I am the kind of person who is able to pour a cup of wine or coffee at least once per week. Not that I am drunk or high, I am just clumsy!

Obviously, the problem emerging from my clumsy side is the cleaning of every stain I made. Various are the products available on the market but they are not as efficient as in the ads spot.

After trying most detergents products, I once tried to mix baking soda with other ingredients such as vinegar or lemon.

So here is a short video that shows how you can clean your kitchen, toilet, or shoes without paying a huge amount at the grocery store for each product!

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I love to help others save as much money as my family and I do. Couponing has become an important part of my life and I don't think I can ever imagine my life without it! My husband couldn't agree with me more ;)

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