You Know You’re a Coupon Queen (or King) When….

So last night, I was going through all the coupons I recently received by mail, the ones I printed, and those I got from inserts. I have this cute little coupon book where I organize them by categories of products…Ok, I’m getting carried away again!

Anyways, I thought to myself “Gosh, I’m such a coupon diva!”

Light bulb!

What really makes me a coupon diva? Someone who refuses to shop without her coupons handy? Or someone who cannot go shopping without her coupon booklet?

Here’s a list of things (related to couponing) that are part of my daily life, and that may be part of yours J

  • You set your homepage to ;)
  • Your favourite hobby is assorting coupons.
  • You think a $1 snack is expensive.
  • You spend more time going through your coupons than you do actual books.
  • You never, ever, pay full price for any kind of product.
  • You encourage your family members to get involved by reminding them how little money you spent to make them the big lunch they’re enjoying.
  • You have more pictures of your coupons and sales receipts than of your own kids L
  • You jump up and down when you see a new coupon available in the Canadian Savers newsletter email every morning.
  • You can’t wait for the mailman (or woman).
  • Coupon Lingo has become part of your everyday vocab.
  • You can’t wait to log on to Facebook to see the latest updates from Canadian Savers.

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