Pizza Hut Coupons in Canada – May 2024

Pizza Hut Coupons & Deals in Canada

Pizza Addicts! Here are some new coupons that will take your mind and will help you save some money on your next online order or at any pizza hut canada store!

If you are used to dining at Pizza Hut restaurants in Canada, we are glad to announce that we are creating a page dedicated to Pizza Hut Coupons and promotions! See? We constantly look to help you economize on your budget through smart savings! Thanks to these coupon codes, you will be able to enjoy your favourite Pizza Hut meals without worrying about the bill. Amazing, isn’t it? Save money now!

Pizza Hut coupons

If you are one of these individuals who cannot resist Pizza Hut’s Pepperoni, super supreme, and BBQ Chicken pizzas, but at the same time have a very tiny budget, this page is made for you! Discover all the latest Pizza Hut coupons and offers, gathered all together in one single post.

Pizza lovers should not forget that Pizza Hut doesn’t only offer pizzas, but also has a wide range of other menu items, such as salads, desserts, drinks, and sides, among others!

Current Pizza Hut Coupons & Deals

If, like most Canadians, you are looking to make great economies through vouchers, we invite you to have a look at the most recent Pizza Hut Coupons & Great Deals:

BOGO for $1

pizza hut offer 1 1

Order a Regular Priced Medium or Large Pizza and get the second pizza of equal or lesser value for $1.

Offer online only!

50% Off Pizzas

When you buy a medium or large pizza at regular price you can get up to 3 medium or large pizzas at half price.

$5 $5 $5

Order a regular price medium or large pizza and enjoy up to 3 medium 2-topping pizzas for $5 each.

My Box Deal

pizza hut coupons my box

Enjoy an individual 3-topping pizza served with your choice of fries or 5 boneless bites for $10.99.

Melts for two

Melts for 2

Try these Melts with the person of your choice for $25.99.

Handcrafted Recipe Pizza & 2 Drinks

Choose any Medium Hancrafted recipe Pizza and 2 drinks for $14,99.

The Triple Treat Box

Get 2 medium pizzas with 2-Topping CYO or Recipe, regular breadsticks, two dips, 8 boneless bites, and an ultimate Hershey’s Chipits Cookie for $38.99.

The Triple Pizza Box

Get 3 medium 2-topping pizzas for $37.99 only.

Game Night Meal

Get 2 medium recipe pizzas, 14 boneless bites, 2 dips, and your choice of 2L Pepsi products for $39.99.

Large favourite deals

Choose from our favourites menu. BBQ Chicken! Margherita! Hawaiian! Canadian! Triple Crown! $17.99 Large Pizzas, Everyday, Online Only.


Get cheesy, crispy, loaded with toppings + paired dip for $9,99.

Wings & Things

Get a combination box of 5 traditional crispy wings, 6 gooey mozzarella sticks, 5 boneless bites, 8oz of fries and a dip for $19.99.

2 Medium Pizzas

Get 2 medium pizzas for $27,99.

3 Large Recipe Pizzas

Order 3 Large Recipe Pizzas for $53.99.

2 Large Recipe Pizzas

Buy 2 Large recipe pizzas for $35.99 only.

$10.99 Pizza Of The Day Pizza Hut Deal

Get a different medium recipe pizza every day of the week for $10.99. Offer available online only. Upsize to large for a few bucks more.

  • Monday – Hawaiian
  • Tuesday – Pepperoni
  • Wednesday – Canadian
  • Thursday – Supreme Lover’s
  • Friday – Chicken Caesar
  • Saturday – Veggie Lovers

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How to Use a Pizza Hut Coupon Code in Canada?

You just need to enter your coupon code at checkout when you finish ordering. You’ll see the price go down after validating your coupon codes!

The “Hut Rewards”

Free pizza hut rewards canada
Free pizza hut rewards canada

If you’re a Pizza Hut Lover you should join the Pizza Hut Reward Program: the Hut Rewards. All you need to do in fact is to order pizzas! After your 5th order, you’ll get a FREE Medium Pizza with 2 toppings.

You can get your special Hut as soon as you order five other pizzas! This is a great and simple Pizza Hut Canada Deal.

Join the Hut Rewards

Pizza hut coupon codes on Mobile App

You’ll find other great promotions and Pizza Hut Canada Coupons on their mobile app available on Android and in the Apple Store. You also can order in advance up to one week in advance! Save your favourite pizzas to save time for your future orders at pizza hut.

Download on Google Play Download on Apple Store

If you’re craving fried chicken instead of Hut Pizza, take advantage of this offer to get a KFC Chicken bucket for FREE.

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