Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards Program: How To Make The Most Of It

Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards

Canadian Tire is one of the most well-known Canadian stores. It’s simply part of who we are and a long-standing Canadian shop that we have all been to at least a few times.

Canadian Tire was first established in 1922 and now has over 1,600 stores throughout the country.

Unsurprisingly, Canadian Tire has launched one of the very first rewards programs in Canada: the Canadian Tire Money. At first, it was actual papers that you collect to redeem later. While you can still accumulate actual paper Canadian Tire Money, most of their rewards program shifted to being digital since 2015.

You can collect digital Canadian Tire Money on your Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards card, keychain mini-card, or Mobile Application. And it will be awaiting you to use it to get discounts and save up money on your purchases at Canadian tire. Basic and also great!
Triangle Rewards Program

How and where to get Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards

You can earn Triangle Rewards points for your purchases at most Canadian Tire and its affiliated stores, which include:

  • Canadian Tire,
  • Sport Chek,
  • Atmosphere,
  • Sports Rousseau,
  • Hockey Professionals,
  • Gas+ as well as participating Husky locations, and
  • Participating Mark’s and Sports Professionals stores.

It is necessary to note that you do not gain any Triangle Rewards on : tire disposal fees, tire taxes, Rug Doctor® rental charges, refundable deposits, environmental fees, repair charges, delivery or assembly charges, other store services (other than automobile service), inter-store sales, other store labour (other than labour for automobile repairs), donations at a discount, house account charges, towing charges, etc…

For complete information, check out the “Eligible Merchandise” section of the Triangle Rewards Program guidelines.

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Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards worth

Canadian Tire Money has a 1:1 worth of actual money. $1 in Canadian Tire Money can be redeemed for $1 CAD at participating Canadian Tire stores.

Ways to redeem your Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards points

You can redeem your Canadian Tire Money on almost all your purchases at Canadian Tire Stores (and affiliated stores) or Online from their Mobile App or website, including

  • Canadian Tire,
  • Participating Sport Chek stores, and
  • Participating Mark’s and Atmosphere stores.

According to the program rules, all products sold online or in stores at Canadian Tire are eligible, with the exception of:

  • Gift cards,
  • Prepaid cards,
  • Phone cards,
  • Hunting and fishing licenses, and
  • Tobacco products and/or alcoholic beverages
  • Services/repair fees and taxes

Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards earn rates

The rate at which you earn Triangle Rewards depends on whether you’re getting product or gas. Here’s the rundown of the base earn rates:


0.4% back in Canadian Tire Cash on pre-tax acquisitions for goods, and also 3 cents in Canadian Tire Cash per liter at Gas+ when you pay with money or debit.

If you have a Triangle card, you can improve these gains rates dramatically.

How to sign up for Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards

To begin accumulating Triangle Rewards, you initially need to head over to the Triangle Rewards program website to register for an account.

Click here to register for a Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards Card

When you do that, you’ll be provided a Triangle Rewards number that you can start utilizing quickly when making purchases online or in store.

You can additionally start the process by getting a Triangle Rewards enthusiast card at any Canadian Tire. You’ll have to register online for an account prior to getting your pysical card. Then head in-store to get your Rewards physical card, and keychain mini-card (that you can bring with you if you do not intend to install the application on your phone).

How To Maximize The Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards Program

Below you can find how to make the most of your Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards Program

Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards app

Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards app

If you do intend to utilize the Canadian Tire Rewards App (it truly is hassle-free), just head over to either Google Play Store or App Store to set up the app. Once it’s on your phone, just open it up and either register for a brand-new account or sign into your existing account.

The app will:

  • Show you just how much Canadian Tire Money you have collected,
  • Provide you quick access to a scannable virtual collector card (and also let you include it to your digital budget), .
  • Let you shop from the online Canadian Tire shop,
  • Get access to the new Canadian Tire flyers
  • Show you currently featured deals as well as sales at Canadian Tire,
  • Let you make and save your wishlist of products,
  • Display a map and locations of Canadian Tire shops, and also
  • Allow you to customize your account setups

It’s hassle-free and an easy way to utilize your Canadian Tire Money.

Canadian Tire Triangle Mastercards

If you’re not keen on obtaining the Canadian Tire Triangle Mastercard, yet you would certainly still like to maximize your benefits when shopping at Canadian Tire, we have a number of tips.

Below are a few of the very best cashback credit cards readily available in Canada to obtain cashback directly, and make use of anywhere. Which makes these rewards both better and also a lot more flexible to use.

Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards

Optimizing your Triangle Rewards

There aren’t any actual techniques to boosting your Triangle Rewards earn rates, other than the following tips :

  • Obtain among the Triangle Rewards Mastercards as well as utilize it as long as you can,
  • Get all your gas at Gas+ or Husky locations,
  • Patronize Canadian Tire, Mark’s, as well as other involved merchants and stores in Canada

Bottom Line

The Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards program is among the longest-standing rewards programs in Canada, and it has a great deal of nostalgic value for a number of us who have been shopping at Canadian Tire for years.

On the other hand, it is a fairly minimal, as well as rather inflexible rewards program that may not obtain you the very best deals for your rewards points.

Chances are, you would certainly be much better off concentrating on making benefits for one of the more versatile as well as important benefits programs in Canada, or just maximizing your cashback rates with one of the many cash money back charge card offered.


What is the Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards program?

The Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards program released in 2015 as an electronic enhancement to the old Canadian Tire Money rewards program. You can still accumulate paper Canadian Tire Money. However, the emphasis is currently on the electronic version of the program, which is more convenient with its online perks such as their website and phone apps.

Just how much are Canadian Tire benefits worth?

$ 1 in Canadian Tire Cash deserves $1, redeemable at taking part Canadian Tire shops.

How can I collect Triangle Rewards faster?

The easiest way to collecting Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards quicker is to get one of the Triangle Rewards Mastercards. These improve your earn rates dramatically, especially when making purchases at Canadian Tire stores.

How do I start collecting Triangle Rewards?

You can get going by heading over to the Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards website to register for an account. This can also be done by downloading the Mobile App.

This will give you a unique number that you can begin using right away. The number is required to get a physical Rewards card at any Canadian Tire store in Canada.

Where can I use my Triangle Rewards points when I have them?

You can just use your Canadian Tire Money at all Canadian Tire stores and affiliated participating stores when making purchases, including participating Canadian Tire, Gas+, Mark’s, Sport Chek, and Atmosphere shops.

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