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Canadian Savers (previously Free Samples Canada) was set up by 2 girlfriends in 2005 with the main goal of finding all the free stuff offers available for Canadians. But the website has changed its look throughout the years and recently we have also changed the name of the website to Canadian Savers.

Canadian Savers (previously Free Samples Canada) was set up in 2005 and is now the number ONE freebie and coupon site in Canada. We offer all sorts of money saving deals such as freebies, competitions, coupons and discounts.

In order to start getting your hands on some nice offers, head over to our homepage and sign up to our newsletter to receive daily emails packed full of free samples, offers, coupons and more. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page to get access to the latest coupons available in Canada.

Try different browsers to access the website (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome etc). Otherwise, if the problem is in the company’s website, it’s out of my hands; you would have to contact the company offering the deal directly and let them know about the issue.

You should expect between 2 to 6 weeks for freebies to arrive. If you do not receive your gift, contact the company in question to let them know.

In Canada, coupons are a great way to save money on grocery bills. You can easily find them as there are many sources you can gather them from such as your local newspapers, the internet, on product shelves, or inside store brochures.

Here are some tips you can use to find coupons:

Contact manufacturers: On the back of your product package, you can find a toll free number to contact the manufacturer. Call this number and ask the customer service team if they have a mailing list where you can register to get their latest offers and coupons. You can also head to the manufacturer’s website, click on “contact us” to ask for coupons and free samples. Don’t forget to include your name, address and email in your message so that they can contact you back.

View offer: Win Free Stuff & Find Great Canadian Specials & Deals with CanadianSavers.ca Use Social Media : Look for the manufacturer’s facebook page. Like their page and check all the tabs listed on the left side. You generally find giveaways, coupons and freebies there.

Look for in-store coupons: Look in the stores while you do your shopping. You can find coupons in front of the product or display to use immediately or to save for later.

You can build a stockpile by stocking up on items that you purchase with the coupons you find on Canadian Savers website or items that you find on sale. I personally like to stock up on some things all year long but I find it nice to give whatever is left over to local food banks, friends and family. Check out this link to learn how to stockpile.

A good way to get rid of the coupons you don’t use is to trade them for other coupons you would like to use. You can also organize or take part in coupon trains. A coupon train is an envelope of coupons that travels from one stop to another. To trade your coupons or organize a coupon train, you can write a post on FSC wall explaining what coupons you already have and what others you would like to get.

  • One Per Purchase: You can use 1 coupon for each item you are purchasing not for your entire transaction). For example, if you are buying 2 bottles of water and you have 2 coupons, you can use one coupon for each bottle, but you cannot use 2 coupons for the same bottle.
  • Stacking : When you are allowed to use more than 1 coupon per item.
  • FPC : Free Product Coupon that allows you to get a product for free.
  • BOGO: Buy 1 Get 1 Free
  • B2G1: Buy 2 Get 1 Free
  • B3G1: Buy 3 Get 1 Free
  • MIR: Mail in Rebate
  • P&G: Procter & Gamble, the company that markets brands such as Tide, Pampers, Gillette, Head & Shoulders etc
  • SDM: Shoppers Drug Mart
  • SPM: Specially Marked Packages
  • Tear-Pad: Coupons that you find in stores, on the shelf or display. You can find tear pad coupons on the product’s shelf at the store (it’s like a little booklet where you can “tear” the coupons out).
  • WUB: When you buy
  • WUS: When you spend
  • LD: London Drugs
  • RCSS: Real Canadian Superstore
  • PEELIE: Coupon that can be “peeled” from the product.
  • Insert Coupons: Coupons that you can find in newspapers, etc. Mail out: Coupons that are sent to your home via Websaver.ca, Save.ca, or Brandsaver.ca for example.
  • Booklet Coupons: They can be found in booklets or promotional brochures that can be found at the store.
  • Hangtag Coupons: They are actually coupons “hanging”from the product itself, like this.
  • Call-in Coupons: coupons that you can get by calling the manufacturer directly and get them to send them to your home.

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