How to earn points?

By signing up on Canadian Savers, you get to benefit from our rewards program that allows members to earn points that can be redeemed in 2 different ways : you can either use them to participate in our contests & giveaways, or you can swap them for discount codes and coupons.

We’ve made it easy for you to earn points. You can do so through registration, daily visit, referral, checking offers, sharing deals, commenting, etc…

The allocation of points is as follow :

+250 points – Sign Up
Only Canadian Savers members can earn and use points. By signing up on our website, you get your first 250 points as a welcoming gift. You can sign up here.

+100 points – Referral
The easiest way to earn points is through friends referral. You get +100 points for each person who joins Canadian Savers using your referral link. You’ll find your referral link in your profile page, on the “Profile” Tab. Simply share this link with your friends and as soon as they register, you’ll earn 100 more points!

+20 points – New friendship
Send or accept friendship requests from Canadian Savers members in order to score yourself some extra points. For each new friendship, you get 20 points. You can send/receive up to 10 new friendship per day. That’s +200 points a day!

+20 points – Publish a Deal
Have you heard about an awesome deal? A brand new giveaway? or a coupon? Don’t hesitate to share it with the Canadian Savers community and earn some extra points. You will get 20 points for each valid offer you suggest.

+15 points – Complete your profile
No one likes an empty profile. When you complete your profile, we give you extra points.
You get +15 points for each of these actions: uploading a new profile picture and/or changing your cover picture. You can do that once a week.

+ 5 points – Daily Visit
Visit Canadian Savers daily to learn about the hottest deals, giveaways, free stuff, and opportunities in Canada & score yourself some bonus points in the process. You will get +5 points a day for visiting our website.

+2 points – Update your Profile, Leave a comment
There are several actions you can do on Canadian Savers to grab a bonus +2 points. You can earn +2 points by referring a visitor, updating your profile once in a while, leaving a comment on an offer, and for each thumb up on an offer you posted.

+2 points – Share an Offer on Social Media
Is there an offer you find interesting and would like your friends & family to know about it? Share it on your social media through the sharing buttons to score an extra +2 points. You can share up to 50 offer a day. That’s +100 points a day!

+1 points – Page View
You get a bonus point for each offer you view on Canadian Savers. You can earn up to 30 points a day just by checking our latest offers & deals.

Be careful, because as you can earn points, you can also lose them. Here are the things you need to avoid in order to keep all the points you have earned :

-20 points – Lose friendship
Friendships are precious. Preserve yours on Canadian Savers to avoid losing -20 points.

-2 points – Inappropriate Content
You will lose 2 points for each comment we deem as inappropriate, offensive, disrespectful or as spam.
You also lose -2 points for each person who dislikes an offer you have posted on Canadian Savers.

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