Canadian Tire Price Match Policy in Canada

Canadian Tire Price Match Policy

Canadian Tire Price Match Policy

To help Canadians realize economies, Canadian Tire introduced the price match guarantee concept. If a customer finds a product sold at a Canadian tire at a lower price in another retailer’s store, online ad, or flyer, he or she can bring it to one of the Canadian tire’s stores and ask for a price match! Amazing, isn’t it? As long as you can prove that another competitor is offering the exact same product at a lower price compared to Canadian Tire, the group will adapt to match the price for you! This way, Canadian Tire ensures it’s offering the highest quality products at the lowest prices in the market.

How does the Canadian Tire Price Match policy work?

If you are wondering how this Canadian Tire Price match policy works, we ‘are telling you everything here! Let’s say you were browsing retailer’s flyers prior to doing your weekly groceries, and you notice that a specific retailer has a lower price for product A than Canadian Tire. In such a case, you should do the following:

  • Head over to a Canadian Tire store and show them proof of the other retailer’s price of that product on a flyer, online ad, or others
  • As Canadian Tire verifies that the product shown is identical to the one they have in store, they will price match for you 

Canadian Tire Price Match Policy

What if I discover this after the product has already been bought? This is a question that we often come across. No worries guys! If you already purchased the product, you can still ask for a price match if found at a lower price elsewhere:

  • Try going to a Canadian Tire store no later than 30 days counting from your purchase date ( 14 days if you are about to request matching to another CVT store)
  • Show a member of the team proof of the competitor retailer’s prices of the product you want
  • As the group verifies and approves your price match request, you will be granted a lower price offer 

What products can be considered to be identical?

For Canadian Tire to consider two products as being identical, they need to have the same characteristics, features, size, and warranty policy. More, the products need to be from the same manufacturer with the same model number. The product also needs to be new in its original package, and most importantly should not be part of our exclusion list.

Canadian Tire Price Match Policy

Who is considered to be a competitor in this case?

For a group to be considered as a Canadian tire’s competitor in such a case, it needs to be:

  • A retailer present in Canada that is around 200 km radius from where you want to claim the price match 
  • Online Automotive tires and wheels retailer websites ending with .com
  • Online retail stores with website domains ending with .ca
  • Other Canadian Tire stores 

Canadian Tire Price Match Policy

What is excluded from the Canadian Tire Price Match Guarantee?

The following are exclusions when it comes to the price match policy:

  • A retailer present in Canada that is more than 200 km radius from where you want to claim the price match
  • Exclusive products offered on the retailer’s online store (
  • Online retailers who are outside the Canadian territory
  • Damaged, used, and open boxes (or display products)
  • Bulk Propane’s sale
  • Products at wholesale pricing
  • Volume purchases’ price offers
  • Buy One, Get one free” discounts and offers
  • Mailbox coupons, discounts, and offers
  • Retailer’s bankruptcy and  liquidation prices
  • Spend and Get” type of offers
  • Black Friday, Cyber Monday purchases (special sales events)

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