Grocery Apps Canada to Save Money on Your Next Grocery Trip.

Canadians can now save money when they shop for groceries or other purchases by using a variety of trusted coupon apps and cashback. Only a few years ago, clipping coupons and bringing them to the store was the only common option to save money on groceries.

Now, saving money has never been easier thanks to the emergence of grocery apps Canada that function easily on your smartphone. Even better, you can use them for free.

Save Money and Planet

What’s better than saving money and protecting your planet? A free app to save both.


Grocery Apps Canada Flashfood seeks to reduce food waste by offering discounts on products that are about to expire. Flashfood items are usually half-priced compared to their regular pricing.

After you download the free app and create a profile, it will detect your location to locate participating grocery stores near you. Swipe through the stores listed at the bottom of the home page, which are displayed in order of proximity to your location.

Food items for sale are listed at grocery stores, along with their original price, discounted price, and best before date. Choose your food item and pay for it through the app, then pick up your purchase from the Flashfood zone at the grocery store.

Too Good To Go

Grocery Apps Canada

The concept for this app originates from Denmark. Its purpose is to reduce food waste by allowing customers to purchase extra food at a reduced price from grocery stores as well as cafes and restaurants. 

Download the app for free and create your account. You can choose whether you want stores within a three to 30 km radius of you.

The app will then display you a list of stores in your area that have food available (The bag you get is called ‘’Surprise Bag’, so you will not know what you’re getting until you get it) as well as pick-up times.

It will also show how many surprise bags each store has available. You will also be sent an email and a phone notification reminder when your bag is ready to be picked up.

Cashback Apps

Cashback apps are convenient for those who don’t have time to look for coupons and deals. They save you time and money! Make sure to always retrieve your receipt at every purchase to get your cashback.


Grocery Apps Canada

The Drop App is one of Canada’s newest loyalty rewards apps. It is also available in the United States and is one of the most user-friendly apps.

To earn your cashback with Drop, you can easily:

  • Download the app and sign up.
  • Link your debit/credit card. With Drop, you don’t have to scan or upload your receipt. instead, it automatically tracks your purchases and rewards you.
  • Shop at your favourite stores to earn cashback with Drop Points.
  • Redeem your points for gift cards from popular stores such as iTunes, Amazon, Sephora, Netflix, Starbuck, Tim Hortons, and others.

Drop is convenient since it’s a set-and-forget type of app.

Checkout 51

Grocery Apps Canada

One of the best apps for getting cashback rewards on grocery and other household purchases is Checkout 51. It’s available in both Canada and the US. Every week, Checkout 51 has a wide selection of products on sale, including things we buy regularly.

Fresh produce, pantry items, bread, dairy and eggs, deli and ready meals, meat and seafood, household cleaning products, personal care, pharmaceuticals, frozen foods, babies and pets, and more are all included in the offer selection. Expect to save 10 to 30% on average.


Grocery Apps Canada

Caddle is similar to Checkout 51, except unlike Checkout 51, it is only available in Canada for the moment.

Every Thursday, Caddle posts a week’s worth of cashback deals. To redeem an offer, buy the item (typically at any shop), scan the receipt, and upload it for processing. On a single receipt, you can claim several deals.

Customers can earn cashback by placing purchases, filling out surveys, watching ads, and writing product reviews with this shopping app. You’ll need to upload your receipts and submit a rebate request, which will be provided in the form of a check. Caddle can also be used to get money back on Amazon purchases.


Grocery Apps Canada

Ibotta is another amazing coupon app that allows you to get cashback on your food purchases from over 285 different stores, including Walmart, Kroger, Walgreens, and CVS.

On the app, you can easily browse product deals and add them to your shopping list. Take a picture of your receipt once you’ve made a transaction and upload it.

Within two days, your cashback will be transferred into your account. In addition, by attaching your store loyalty card or completing in-app purchases, you can receive cashback directly.


Grocery Apps Canada

With its rewards program, Dosh is similar to Drop. It’s available in the United States.

Connect your credit and debit cards after downloading the app, and anytime you make a purchase at a partner store, you’ll get up to 10% cashback in your Dosh Wallet. You’ll also get $5 for referring a friend to Dosh.

Simply transfer your rewards to your bank account or receive your money via PayPal when you’re ready to cash them out. It’s as simple as 1-2-3 to get cashback with Dosh. Walgreens, Walmart, Target, GAP, and many more are among the partner stores where you can get your cashback.


Grocery Apps Canada

KOHO is a free reloadable Visa card and app that gives you cashback on all of your debit purchases. It’s only available in Canada right now.

The KOHO app manages everything automatically, unlike many other popular cashback apps that require you to scan and upload a receipt. Simply use your card (physical or virtual) to make your purchases, and your account will be credited with 0.50 percent cashback.

The app can also be used to set up automated savings and as a budgeting tool.

Flyer Apps

If you like to take your time and navigate the different deals that interest you, Flyer Apps are for you! They provide a selection of different flyers from different stores and you get to choose the best for you. 


Grocery Apps Canada

Flipp is one of Canada’s most popular apps for finding flyers, coupons, and price comparisons. From your phone, you may access flyers from more than 1,000 local shops. You can quickly look for a certain item, compare costs, and locate the store with the best deal for you.


Similar to Flipp, Rebee is a flyer app that allows you to browse new flyers in your area and compare product pricing. Reebee was created in 2012 in Ontario. The app is accessible on both the App Store and Google Play.

Your shopping list is automatically synced with Reebee offers.

Grocery Apps Canada

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