Tasty Rewards Coupons for Canada – June 2021

Current Tasty Rewards Coupons ā†’ June 2021

Do you want to enjoy member-exclusive Tasty rewards offers on your favorite PepsiCo brands? What are you still waiting for then? Redeem the coupons listed below prior to their expiration dates! Before accessing Tasty Reward’s coupons, we would like to inform you that these are very limited and work on a first-come, first-served basis. Also, there is a limitation of one print per coupon and per member.

Current Tasty Rewards Coupons

Current Tasty Rewards Coupons

Current Tasty Rewards Coupons

Current Tasty Rewards CouponsĀ 

  • $1.00 discount on Crispy MinisĀ® at purchase of any 3 Crispy MinisĀ® rice snacks
  • $0.75 discount on Crispy MinisĀ® at purchase of any 3 Crispy MinisĀ® rice snacks
  • $2.00 discount on Frito-LayĀ® at purchase of Frito-LayĀ® Variety Pack
  • $1.00 discount on BareĀ® at purchase of 2 BareĀ® products
  • $1.00 discount on PopCornersĀ® at purchase of PopCornersĀ® popped-corn chips
  • $0.50 discount on SpitzĀ® at purchase of SpitzĀ® seeds
  • $1.50 discount on TostitosĀ® and TostitosĀ® Salsa/Dip at purchase of TostitosĀ® tortilla chips
  • $0.50 discount on Quaker ChewyĀ® OR QuakerĀ® DippsĀ® at purchase of Quaker ChewyĀ® granola bars
  • $0.50 discount on Smartfood*, Miss Vickieā€™sĀ®, or Miss Vickieā€™sĀ® Signatures on your next purchase
  • $0.50 discount on RufflesĀ® at purchase of RufflesĀ® potato chips
  • $0.50 discount on CheetosĀ® at purchase of CheetosĀ® cheese flavoured snacks
  • $1.00 discount on Layā€™sĀ® OR Layā€™s PoppablesĀ® at purchase of two Layā€™sĀ® potato chips
  • $0.50 discount on QuakerĀ® at purchase of QuakerĀ® Instant Oatmeal/Instant Multigrain Hot Cereal/Instant Hot Cereal
  • $0.50 discount on DoritosĀ® at purchase of DoritosĀ® tortilla chips

How does Tasty Rewards Program work?

Tasty Rewards

If you are already having questions as to how you can use tasty rewards coupons, we are telling you everything in this post. To redeem these coupons, you only need to follow the steps listed below:

  • Step 1 – Select the coupon you want to use
  • Step 2 – Create an account on Tasty Reward or log in if you are already a member
  • Step 3 – Print the coupons you want directly from the website

About Tasty Rewards Canada

Tasty Rewards

Tasty Rewards is a loyalty program that helps Canadian consumers save money via coupons, offers, and contests with their favorite products from the giant brand PepsiCo. So, if you are used to buying Pepsi, Quaker Lay’s, Doritos, and Aunt Jemima, we are happy to announce that you can from now on make great economies on these products thanks to the coupons offered by PepsiCo’s rewards program. So, start by signing up on Tasty Reward’s website to begin your tasty reward journey! It’s 100% free and easy!

Wanna get rewarded for the brand you love the most? Thanks to this program, you will be able to enjoy a number of exclusive offers, coupons, giveaways, and discounts directly sent to your email address. What could be better than that? You see? Life gets so much tastier with PepsiCo’s Tasty Rewards program!

Tasty Rewards Brands

If you are wondering what brands we have been talking about in the previous section, we’ll tell you a little about it:

Tasty Rewards BrandsĀ 

  • BareĀ 
  • CheetosĀ 
  • ChewyĀ 
  • Crispy MinisĀ 
  • DippsĀ 
  • DoritosĀ 
  • Flamin’ Hot EnflammĆ©
  • FritoLayĀ 
  • Lay’sĀ 
  • LifeĀ 
  • Miss Vickie’sĀ 
  • Off The Eaten PathsĀ 
  • QuakerĀ 
  • Harvest Nature
  • Ruffles
  • SmartfoodĀ 
  • Stacy’sĀ 
  • SunchipsĀ 
  • TostitosĀ 
  • Cap’n CrunchĀ 
  • SpitzĀ 
  • Rice a RoniĀ 
  • Nut HarvestĀ 
  • Rold GoldĀ 
  • MunchiesĀ 
  • Hickory Sticks

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