Free Purdy’s Chocolate for Christmas

This holiday, Purdy’s, the renowned Canadian chocolatier, unveiled a delectable and engaging campaign that has left sweet-toothed Canadians buzzing with excitement.

The innovative campaign encourages chocolate enthusiasts to participate in a fun and interactive challenge on the popular social media platform, TikTok.

You can also enter through Purdys website and play Reconnect Roulette on your mobile device. Scan the code below using your phone camera and start reconnecting to get a free code!

Free Purdy’s Chocolate Bars offered


To get your code for free Purdy’s chocolate, simply follow these steps.

  • Go to Purdys Chocolatier Tiktok account by clicking on the “Go to Offer” button below this page
  • Interact as much as you can with their Tiktoks
  • Don’t hesitate to visit their website
  • Refresh your Tiktok Feed and the ad will definitely pop up
  • Once you see it, text someone you miss using Purdys Reconnect Roulette and get chocolate in return

You can also click the “Go to offer” button below and follow the steps:

  • Click on the “Play now” button
  • Spin the roulette to receive a prompt
  • Determine who fits the prompt and send a reach out message to that person
  • Check your email for your redemption code et redeem your reward in shop or online

What sets this campaign apart is its unique twist – participants have the chance to unlock a special code for a complimentary box of Purdy’s chocolates.

The anticipation and eagerness among TikTok users to unveil this code have sparked a viral frenzy, turning the campaign into a nationwide sensation.

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