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What is Home Tester Club?

Home Tester Club is a product testing platform with a large network and a big testers community and shoppers not only in Canada but across the world. To help brands gather as much feedback as possible about their products, the Home Tester Club launches product testing campaigns on a regular basis and invites numerous Canadian citizens to participate for a chance to be selected as one of the selected participants.

So basically, you apply for the product testing opportunity of your choice and then wait for them t get back to you. Once you are informed that you are eligible for the selected product testing campaign, you will receive the product at home to test and review. After this, you will need to provide your feedback about the tested product. And guess what? You get to keep the product for yourself! Yay!!

What is Home Tester Club?

How can I apply for product tests on the Home Tester Club?

Do you want to receive free products to test at home? In order to participate in the product test campaigns proposed by the Home Tester Club, you will need to follow the steps listed below:


  • Create an account on the Home Tester Club (100% free) to be able to participate
  • If you are already part of the community, sign in with your home tester club login
  • Select the product testing option of your choice and click on it
  • Answer a couple of questions to study your eligibility for the selected product testing offer

If you are chosen for the product review, you will be contacted by the group to receive the product to test at home. So, keep an eye on your inbox! Generally speaking, your product should be delivered to you 1 to 3 weeks after you have been informed of your acceptance. So, what are you still waiting for to send your application for the product tests of your choice?

How can I apply for product tests on the Home Tester Club

What should I do upon reception of the product?

Once you receive the product to be tested at home, there will be a flyer delivered with it, which will detail all instructions you have to follow for your product test. An email will be sent to you with a link to your feedback and review survey.

It is highly recommended to include a picture of you using the product and then sharing it on social media (Facebook, Instagram…). And always remember: Be as honest as you can! The brands want to hear back from you about their product, so don’t worry if your review is negative!

What if I get selected without receiving anything?

Home tester club

If you have been informed that you were selected for the product test of your choice, but still haven’t received anything after 3 weeks, you need to follow the steps below:


  • Log in to your HTC account
  • Check whether your address is correct or not (If your address isn’t correct, that’s the reason why you haven’t received the product)
  • If your address is correct, check whether there are any postage delays in your region
  • If everything seems to be fine, there is a high probability that your package is missing 

Please note that in case of a missing package, there isn’t much that can be done about that. Because of limited supplies, we are afraid the product won’t be sent to you again in the future.

Home Tester Club Status

Home Tester Club Status

Statuses at Home Tester Club are directly linked to the number of product tests you realize. Upon completion of the first project, you will be recognized as an official and verified Home Tester member. You get the following status based on the following completed product tests:


  • Home Tester Ace =  20 product tests
  • Home Tester Pro = 50 product tests
  • Home Tester Master = 100 product tests

Home Tester Club Badges

To symbolize your contribution to the overall Home Tester Club review tests, the groups came up with the concept of badges. You can get badges simply by leaving feedback about products you have tested. If you want to learn more about the badges, what you have earned, and what you can still do with these, we invite you to check the “My Badges” section on your dashboard.

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